Big W has been cleared of breaching advertising standards around the representation of sex and nudity.

The Ad Standards Board made the determination after a complainant alleged a advertisement for women's underwear "borders on soft porn."

In a submission to the Board, Big W argued the advertisement treated sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience in line with advertising codes.

It was revealed the Facebook campaign, for Kayser's Bombshell Chemise, was a targeted one. 

"The complainant has received this advertisement as a sponsored advertisement based on keywords or terms previously searched on the device in which the user was using, or the website content that the user has viewed.

"Therefore the relevant audience for the advertisment would be predominantly adults who have exercised the choice to search keywords or terms related to this product.

"We note that BIG W does not run any targeted advertising to those under the age of 18, and separately as a precaution, BIG W does not advertise lingerie as part of its regular unsponsored advertising on Facebook (or other social media channels)."

The Ad Standards Board ruled the case did not breach codes and was dismissed. 

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