Betts has expanded its environmentally sustainable shoe brand Zeroe, with the launch of a new men's shoe range. 

Following the successful launch of the women's Zeroe collection in October 2020, Betts has introduced its first men's collection using eco-friendly materials. 

Betts' Zeroe range incorporates algae biomass material 'Bloom' in the soles, uses recycled fabric for the uppers as well as water-based glues.  

The men's range forms part of Zeroe's autumn/winter launch, which also contains new women's styles. 

Betts Group CEO Todd Wilner said the brand has brought the business new customers. 

"It is clear our existing customers are excited by and eager to support our eco-friendly brand Zeroe.

"We have found we also have new customers, those who are particularly concerned about our environment and keen to do what they can to get behind businesses incorporating sustainable practises and products," he said. 

According to Betts, the environmental impact Zeroe has made to date – solely through the use of algae – equates to 756,347 litres of water cleaned, which is the equivalent to the supply of a day’s worth of drinking for 252,115 people.

Zeroe has also absorbed 347kg of CO2 from the air – meaning 475,891 cubic meters of air was cleaned, which translates to 61 sedans being taken off the roads for a day.

Zeroe shoes are also certified vegan and the pairs come packaged in recycled materials, reducing plastic packaging waste. 

Wilner added that the pandemic has also spurred on a desire to support local, which has benefitted the Betts business. 

"Since the arrival of COVID-19 in our community we are aware that people are making a concerted effort to support local businesses.

"Our shared experience of having to live locally for an extended period has changed our shopping habits, partly because we are able to see, very clearly the benefit shopping locally has on our community.

"We are a family run Perth based business and our shoes are designed here in Australia.

"We have witnessed this new, more mindful and considered approach to shopping, along with a collective desire to prioritise quality and comfort during this time," he said. 

The men's Zeroe range is available now and retails for between $67.50 and $119.99. 

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