• StyleRocks: Taking a tailored approach to business.
    StyleRocks: Taking a tailored approach to business.

Leading etailer Shoes of Prey is supporting an emerging Australian website which offers a unique approach to tailored customer service.

The start-up site, StyleRocks, was created by Australian venture technology company Blue Chilli, and offers customers the ability to design their own jewellery online, with most items retailing from $100 to$400.

Customisation for the product range, which includes men's rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks, includes choosing the metal, the finish, plating, precious or semi-precious stones, as well as engraving options. Customers are also able to select from a range of collections such as 'Nature' or 'Romance' to add an item to their ring, bracelet or necklace.

StyleRocks founder & CEO, Pascale Helyar-Moray, said the platform – which has followed in the footsteps of bespoke footwear etailer Shoes of Prey – offers a world-first, exclusive approach to jewellery design and purchase.

“Typically custom jewellery design involves liaising with a jeweller which is time-consuming and expensive, but StyleRocks disrupts the traditional jewellery design and purchase model,” she said.

“By offering customers the ability to create their jewellery online at an affordable pricepoint, StyleRocks is bringing jewellery customisation to the masses. Put simply, it’s Shoes of Prey for jewellery.”

The StyleRocks concept is actually so similar to that of Shoes of Prey, that Shoes of Prey director Jodie Fox has endorsed the site and also acts as an official ambassador for the etailer.

“Jewellery is one of the most personal items we own - to be able to create exactly the right piece, expressive of the occasion and my style is a perfect fit,” Fox said.

All StyleRocks jewellery is made in Australia with an average turnaround time of three weeks, with local and international shipping available. Customers can also use an in-built date reminder system for birthdays or anniversaries as well as more commercial holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Shoes of Prey is jointly operated by co-founders Mike Knapp, Michael Fox and Jodie Fox. The company was the first to globally go to market with the idea that a customer could design their own shoe online, and since the business was licensed in October 2009, it has grown to a team of 17 people with five offices globally.

Shoes of Prey offers shoppers a choice of style components, colours and materials, leads them through the design process, then ships their handmade footwear in four to six weeks.

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