Australian surf brand Project Blank has announced it is 100% plastic neutral.

The announcement follows ongoing initiatives to eliminate plastic from its entire supply chain, while focusing on plant-based solutions, regenerative fibres and recycled materials where possible.

This included the launch of its Yulex wetsuit collection, EcoPure tail pads, 100% recycled apparel range, and upcycling initiatives with Upparel & Into Carry.

Part of this sustainability focus involved a collaboration with Plastic Bank, a not-for-profit enterprise that aims to stop plastic pollution in oceans and decrease high poverty levels in developing countries.

Through this collaboration, Project Blank has committed to stopping over 250,000 single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean by 2024.

To reduce plastic pollution in oceans across the world, Plastic Bank builds recycling ecosystems in coastal communities around the world. These reprocess the materials collected for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.

Hero collectors gather plastic waste from their local beaches, riverbanks and households, exchanging it for a credit that helps support the basic needs of their families ‚Äď such as groceries, fuel, tuition and healthcare.

According to Plastic Bank, collecting plastic at the source helps prevent waste from ever reaching the ocean and by offering safe, secure, traceable sources of income, which empowers vulnerable communities with a way out of poverty.

Project Blank will continue to strive for sustainability with cleaner manufacturing, bio-degradable packaging, and tangible partnerships that positively impact the environment and the community.

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