Two Australian brands are joining forces in one place.

Liz Davenport and Creswick Woollen Mills are partnering up to offer consumers a one-stop-shop for apparel, accessories and homewares.

Davenport's designs, which offer “a range of sophisticated seperates” will be available through a shop-in-shop in Creswick Woollen Mills and Creswick Natural Fibres boutiques across Victoria from May.

Davenport believes that catering for diverse body types allow her to fill a space in the current market of womenswear.

“Women are often made to feel inadequate or failures because they dare to be bigger than a size 12. The average size of an Australian women is now somewhere between 14 and 16. It’s all about the dynamics of disguise. I enjoy making women look younger and slimmer. And if you happen to be tall, young and slim they’ll suit you as well.”

The designer also believes companies need to reconfigure their sizing guides.

“After years of research on thousands of women including myself (who happens to have a very realistic, curvy figure), we realised that the standard measurements used in the Australian fashion industry are not true to size today. We have re-proportioned our sizes and made them more realistic.”

Creswick Woollen Mills are known for designing knitwear, accessories and homewares based on the Australian market using natural fibres including alpaca, cashmere, merino, bamboo and possum.

A focus on catering to the harsh and varied Australian climate is reportedly a key factor to the company's choice of textiles.

The partnership will also endeavour to provide exceptional customer service, with the offering of workshops and personal styling sessions.

Davenport will launch at Creswick Woollen Mills' Hawthorn store on Friday 8th-Saturday 9th of May.

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