Australian brand Sunday Somewhere has joined forces with a global eyewear business.

The brand has merged with Brando, the luxury subsidiary of Mondottica International.

Represented in more than 1000 boutiques across 30 countries, Sunday Somewhere is set to ramp up business in the wake of the transaction.

While the Sunday Somewhere has grown significantly in just six years, the merger with allow it to tap into a world-class supply chain.

Brando executive Michael Jardine said the new partnership will also advance product development and accelerate sales growth.

“The team at Mondottica have invested abundance of energy and resources over the past few years establishing Brando.

"The Brando family is a collection of in-house contemporary eyewear brands each with their own unique product and position in the market.

"Adding Sunday Somewhere to this portfolio only cements this commitment and passion for being a leader in the eyewear industry."

Sunday Somewhere MD Dave McHenry said the merger will take affect immediately.

“The Sunday Somewhere team can all be proud for what has been achieved and excited to see further success as the brand becomes more accessible to consumers around the world."

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