Allerton designer Pirra Griffiths is reaping the benefits of partnering with Amazon Australia.

Allerton is the first boutique swimwear brand to be selected for the local platform.

Griffiths said while the process of enlisting was not easy, Allerton has already seen benefits.

"The whole process has taken over six months. Amazon seem to have a rigorous screening progress and we have had to put additional resources into the set up process but I am confident the investment will pay off."

Griffiths was keen to get on the site early on and started the process at the beginning of the year.

"The set up process was complicated, we were required to purchase barcodes which was something we don’t use for our local inventory and uploading new styles initially had some teething problems but Amazon’s support and on-boarding team were very helpful and I can see the process getting much smoother.

"Getting on the site early was important to us, and I see it as a big advantage, especially for an emerging independent label.

"Sitting next to other large Australian and international labels is imperative to have to chance to compete with them.

"Amazon is giving Allerton a chance to be competitive and the exposure is priceless."

While Allerton is still in the process of adding more products to Amazon, it has already reported sales and is confident that the decision to partner early with the retailer will pay off.

"I am really excited by the potential of growth Amazon could give to Allerton," Griffiths said.

"The feedback I get from our pieces, and the brand is really positive and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Allerton."

Allerton is an emerging swimwear label based in Sydney with a focus on ethical and environmental awareness.

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