Myer is set to introduce Android Pay and Apple Pay via its new credit card.

Myer is the first Australian retailer to provide Android Pay and Apple Pay on a Visa card in Australia.

The card, issued by Macquarie Bank and powered by Visa payment technology, will launch this month.

It allows customers to access their card from their smartphone’s digital wallet.

When combined with the Myer credit card app, it enables access to a range of security features and budgeting tools.

An intuitive online application process allows approved customers, who meet specific criteria, to upload their digital card securely to their mobile device.

Once the digital card is uploaded, the customer can access some of the card’s key benefits immediately where Android Pay and Apple Pay facilities are available.

The card is also the only way for customers to earn Myer one shopping credits on eligible credit card purchases.

Visa country manager Stephen Karpin said the partnership is a win for consumers.

“It’s an exciting time for retail in Australia, with digital technology driving new and imaginative commerce experiences, and how people pay is at the heart of these experiences.

"It’s for this reason we’re delighted to be working with Myer and Macquarie Bank to bring the future of commerce to Australians today.”

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