The South Australian Government has announced it will allow suburban Adelaide retailers to trade on Easter Monday.

National Retail Association manager policy David Stout said that the decision brings South Australia into line with all other states and territories and is fantastic news for local retailers.

“Retailers across Adelaide are delighted that the shackles have been removed and will be able to trade on Easter Monday for the first time ever.

“Retailers in every other jurisdiction in Australia have already been allowed to open their doors on Easter Monday and it is a big win for mum-and-dad small businesses.

“There has been a massive demand for the existing trading hours laws to become more flexible to better reflect the modern, cosmopolitan city that Adelaide has become.

“This decision is also good news for consumers, who will now be granted greater choice and access to the shops while also supporting their local small businesses.”

The announcement means that stores located in suburban Adelaide will have the option to open for trade anytime between 11am and 5pm on Monday April 22.

“It’s important to remember that retailers will not be forced to open if they do not wish to, it is merely giving them the option and they’re perfectly welcome to not trade on Easter Monday if they so wish.

“We commend the South Australian Government for taking action on this matter and we hope that following this year it becomes a permanent fixture for the South Australian retail community.”

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