Activewear brand Ryderwear, which made millions from marketing its goods on Instagram, has diversified into supplements. 

It will be releasing the first two products in its RW Performance range of bodybuilding and fitness supplements on July 12.

 Of the company’s expansion, Ryderwear CEO David Lukic said it made sense.

”I built Ryderwear to be an international bodybuilding apparel brand and with the knowledge we have gained from our customers over the years it only made sense for us to create a range of supplements that really goes beyond the hype and proprietary blends to deliver products that actually work.”

RW Performance supplements are Australian made with the first two products called Nano Shred and Amped Upz  

Nano Shred has been marketed to improve the body’s ability to use fat as energy, while Amped Up is aimed as a sustained energy booster.

South Australian born and bred, Ryderwear produces functional gym apparel and footwear. 



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