Cotton On has announced the expansion of its Avalon distribution centre from 35,000sqm to 45,000sqm. 

The expansion will be built in partnership with LinFox and will further help the business to service its seven million loyalty members and fulfil online orders. 

Cotton On CFO Michael Hardwick said that the business is excited to begin its DC expansion, a plan that was forecasted when the business first designed the site in 2018. 

"The Cotton On Group, is driven by an obsession with giving our customers the best possible experience.

"This facility was designed with a growth footprint in mind, and we are delighted that now is the time to execute on that plan," he said. 

The expanded space will create an additional 100 jobs in the Avalon region. 

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, a LinFox representative and Cotton On Group executive team members toured the facility yesterday. 

At a press conference at the centre, Frydenberg addressed concerns surrounding the ceasing of the JobKeeper subsidy, telling reporters from that the program was always going to be a short-lived solution. 

"JobKeeper was always intended to be a temporary program. 

"We extended it for another six months but it is a program that goes until the end of March," he said. 

Cotton On CEO Peter Johnson added that while the subsidy gave the business confidence to retain staff, the business is now focused on delivering the right product to customers. 

"In Australia we had all of our 650 stores closed at one point in time so to have the support of the federal government during that period was incredible. 

"When we closed stores customers shifted to our online business, when we reopened they’ve gone back to shopping centres.

"We’ll focus on what we can control and we know that if we produce the right product and the customer wants it in the right way then we will be okay," he told 

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