The Sydney Gift Fair is set to take place this month. Here are six inspiring stories from exhibitors taking part.

1. Mum and Daughter bush business duo: Extremely active and inspiring paraplegic (Sue) became more creative with her hands since becoming wheelchair bound after a car accident. She and her scientist daughter Laura are making earrings that are going gangbusters. Since being added to 'buy from the bush' they have made over 1,000 orders, they have even got their farmer husbands involved to help them keep up with demand, hand making beautiful feather earrings. Featherdale Earrings is based in Armidale.


2. The quirky bovine, the woman who grew up on a cattle farm and started using cow skulls as a canvas
 - Another amazing 'buy from the bush' brand, beautifying bovine bones in Northern NSW. Just one of the amazing 'upcycling' brands that will exhibit at the Gift Fair.


3. Bank strategist by day, eco-warrior jeweller by night: Caroline collects rubbish from the coastlines of Ghana to create custom jewellery inspired by her birth place. Caroline has been living in Australia since she was 1. At the age of 13 she went back to her place of birth. She loved its beauty and vibrancy, but it broke her heart to see people unapologetically discarding their rubbish on the streets. Why? Because Ghana has no public waste disposal system. So, Caroline set out to change that.
She has a team of artisans who collect dumped glass bottles from the streets and coastlines. Using traditional Ghanaian techniques dating back to the 17th century 'Created by Culture' transforms the glass by grinding it into powder, and baking each individual bead in moulds.


4. The toys Aussie kids are loving that are made by 580 women in Kenya who are knitting a stable income and proper health care:Kenana Knitters have taught women in Kenya to knit organic cotton products using local, sustainable resources, also providing a safe, family-friendly working environment. So, Aussie kids will be buying toys that empower hundreds of women in Kenya.


5. Trend alert - wall weaves by Mai: This girl from the bush is a weaving pro and is keen to share a simple step-by-step on how to create a beautiful wall weave
 - 23 year old Maisie Johnson lives in Moree and makes beautiful woven wall features. She will be showing Sydney how it's done in 'Artisan Lane' at Sydney Gift Fair. 


6. Jacinta Haycock: The mum of 11 children who is an artist, benefiting from 'Buy from the Bush': She will be exhibiting her art at the Sydney Gift Fair. 



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