Australian menswear brand Tailors Mark has introduced a new 3D scanning tailoring service – Tailor3d – which aims to solve suit fitting issues. 

Working alongside the University of Technology Sydney, Swinburne University, RMIT and Deakin University, Tailors Mark spent three years developing the service which the business claims, "guarantee[s] a perfectly fitted suit for any occasion within four weeks."

Using a 30 second, 3D full-body scan, Tailors Mark then prints a replica of the customer's body using large-scale 3D printers. The replica is then used to fit the suit, eliminating the need for multiple fittings. 


Tailors Mark co-founder and COO Dave McLaughlin said the process brings tailoring into the modern world. 

"We’ve taken the best parts of tailoring – the detail, the craft, the individuality – and remade it for the modern world.

"For our customers, that means a perfectly-fitted, quality suit with less fuss," he said. 

For the business, the process also reduces material waste, transport emissions and lowers the return rate. 

The business has also developed its own portable and lightweight 3D body scanning unit which allows customers to be scanned at home, at the office or at Tailors Mark, further streamlining the process. 

Once the fitting is completed, the replica – which is made from a corn-starch filament – is broken down and re-used for future fittings. 

Tailors Mark co-founder and CEO Rob Fisher said that the service solves the fitting challenge. 

"The biggest challenge when buying and tailoring a suit is the fit– tailors have always struggled to guarantee how a suit will fall, fit and drape without placing it on a customer.

"The Tailor3d technology and 3D life-size replica perfects this process," he said. 

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