Australian consumer awareness of Cyber Weekend has increased dramatically in the past three years with expectations now that deals will be on offer, as reported by Salesforce.


1. Shoppers turned to their mobile devices more than ever this Cyber Week.


66% of all traffic and 54% of all orders came from a mobile device with peak days seeing 72% and 58% respectively.


Salesforce ecommerce expert James Johnson said that consumers are more likely to complete purchases during the sale period.


“Consumers are in control and choose how they wish to interact and transact with brands and retailers.


“They are increasingly using mobile to do so.


“They are also more likely to complete purchases, with global data showing a significant jump in conversion rates.”


2. Black Friday won the revenue race


Australian retailers experienced a 15% year-over-year growth in digital revenue with the Saturday after Black Friday seeing the greatest year-over-year gains.


The biggest digital revenue producing day was Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday.


“Retailers are responding to this awareness and expectation, with the opportunity cost of not participating increasing,” Johnson said.


“There is a race to release deals earlier to beat competitors.”


3. The average discount was 31%


During the sale period, retailers offered an average discount rate of 31%, up slightly from 30% in 2017.


Cyber Sunday was the best digital discount with the average retailer offering a 34% discount, followed by Cyber Monday at 33%.


“There is a growing importance in brands and retailers running connected campaigns and experiences, combining the right message, to the right customer, at the right time,” Johnson said.

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