Australian consumers now have another option to shop eco-friendly surf and swimwear, following the launch of The Someday Co. 

Founded by Aussie entrepreneurs and husband and wife team Tegan and Grant Kirby, The Someday Co. houses over 1500 products from Australian owned brands. 

Brands on the site include Simpl Swim, Liquido Active, Ocean Flo, CEACEA, Riz Boardshorts, The Summer Chaser, Marvell Lane, EcoVessel, Indosole Australia, The Tropics, Pinky and Kamal, Ecofit Sports, Indigo Swimwear, MOTU Swim, and Salt Gypsy. 

Speaking on the launch, Tegan said the driving factor for setting up the marketplace was a noticeable gap in the market. 

"My husband and I tried searching for swimwear and surfwear that is sustainable and eco-friendly – but it just was so hard to find.

"It took hours of manual research, reading reviews and shortlisting.

"We saw a gap in the market and created the solution, taking the guesswork out of the equation for consumers," she said.

Researching and assessing brands so customers don't have to, The Someday Co. analyses each brand against five basic pillars of sustainability. 

Assessing materials used, production footprint, animal welfare, reciprocal business approach and fair trade/ethically made products, The Someday Co. assigns each brand a 'badge' correlating with each sustainability criteria they meet. 

"For us it’s really about making it easier for consumers to make better choices – every little choice counts," Grant Kirkby added.

"Putting all the best choices in one place seemed like the obvious solution. We’ve created a more streamlined browsing experience. If it’s easier for consumer to choose eco-friendly products, more consumers will do it," he said. 

When purchasing through the site, consumers will also be supporting The Someday Co's 1% for the Planet pledge, which will see it redirect part of its revenue each year to environmental causes all over the world.

The Someday Co. houses eco-friendly surf, swim, activewear and accessories on its site. 

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