Throughout October Lululemon's Australian and New Zealand stores are supporting local non-profit organisations with grants to increase access to yoga and meditation in local communities. 

The global Here to Be program launched in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year and provides grants, resources for training and products to over 500 non-profits across the world. 

The non-profits – with Lululemon's added help – work to break down social, physical or economic barriers to create access to yoga and meditation, helping to improve the mental well-being of communities. 

The stores partner with non-profits based on the needs of the community, considering a range of factors including economically vulnerable neighbourhoods, people experiencing mental health challenges, physical illness or disability, victims of violence and conflict, first responders and aid workers.

The Here to Be grants offer differing types of support including; increasing financial and geographic access to opportunities to practice; creating greater diversity and skills in the community teaching and practicing yoga; cultivating spaces to practice where everyone feels included and welcome; and, building a network of shared knowledge, resources, and an evidence base of research for yoga and meditation as tools for well-being.

Lululemon Australia and New Zealand MD Paul Tinkler said that the business is committed to creating positive change. 

"As a company rooted in yoga and committed to personal development, we aim to create real change within our local communities through our social impact program Here To Be.

"Our purpose is to elevate the world by unleashing the full potential within everyone one of us.

"We are accelerating our efforts across social impact, as a main agenda point for the year and we’re honoured to be working with organisations that are up to big things in this area.

"We’re excited to see the positive changes across our communities," he said. 

To date, the Here to Be program has invested over US$10 million globally, donated more than 10,000 yoga mats and developed over 500 grassroots non-profit partnerships. 

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