Revlon and Elizabeth Arden Australia has undertaken a comprehensive review of workplace flexibility as it navigates the new way of working emerging from the pandemic. 

According to the organisation, it previously had a, "fairly limited approach to flexibility, which was born primarily out of historical norms," but has addressed this by fielding and implementing feedback from team members. 

Revlon Inc senior HR manager Erin Carle said that it was important that internal team members were able to have their voices heard on how they wanted to work. 

"It’s a new way of looking at work-life integration for both Revlon and Elizabeth Arden in Australia and NZ. 

"We started with an internal Ways of Working group, consisting of ten employees from a diverse background and asked them to provide a recommendation, as it was important that there was buy in from internal teams," she said. 

In its new approach, the business' traditional office-based employees will be ‘working from anywhere’ two days a week.

The company has also introduced core meeting hours of 9.30am to 3.30pm, intended to allow for flexible start and finish times. 

Additionally, all managers will have access to intensive training on how to inspire and lead teams remotely.

The business has also maintained its 1.30pm Friday finish, which allows employees to dedicate one afternoon a week to themselves or their family.  

Revlon Inc Australia MD Tracey Raso added that one of the challenges of getting remote working right was ensuring that the company culture could be maintained. 

"It was overwhelming at first, the thought of the technical and physical impacts of teams being separated.

"However, we learnt, as did companies around the world, that working from anywhere was not only possible, but effective.

"Our companies are known for having a strong sense of family, fun and achievement that comes with fast pace decision making and collaboration, and I didn’t want to lose that.

"We will start here and see where the future takes us," she said. 

Revlon Inc. has a team of 220 employees across Australia and NZ, inclusive of a gender diverse leadership team.

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