The brand continues to dominate locally, abroad and online, but how?

Imagine having your marketing engine suggesting specific promotional activity and sales events with predicted returns.

These are the critical improvements that will propel your business forward.

"We have everything, just deal with us."

"Our intent is to take a leadership position in ethical sourcing."

Do you have a people strategy? Is it written down? If you answered no to both questions, then it might be time to ask why not.

"Let’s be objective, Amazon is big, but even in the US it’s not all encompassing."

"Speed is key in order to reduce chances of them buying elsewhere, especially in fashion."

"These types of collaborations are what our clients can expect to see more of in the future."

"It's definitely important as a retailer to think about how we mitigate the risk of holding stock."

This is how it morphed into a successful vertical designer fashion retailer.

"We can't operate that model any more."

"We have fulfilled five million orders in the last three years."

"We're seeing 20% increase when it comes to footwear sales."

Because your one second delay meant a 7% reduction in conversions.