In this special series with brand partners, Simply Social MGT managing director Indianna Roehrich reveals four powerful ways to pivot your social media strategy.

Social media usage is higher than ever right now.

This ‘new normal’ requires brands to quickly adapt and pivot their social media strategy in order to survive.

Now’s not the time to sit back, it's the time to captivate a new audience and re-engage with your existing customers.

Modifying your social media now can segment your brand to becoming a power player in the digital landscape.

Discover four powerful ways to pivot your social media strategy:

1. Evolve your brands digital touchpoints ecosystem

Adapt your brand to different digital platforms, this is the time to ensure content leads are being drip-fed across your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Podcast channel. Interlace all platforms, create content tailored to each digital platform and reap the rewards by tapping into new found audiences.

2. Community connection

Harness the power of your brand's online community right now. People are at home and online. Now is the time to introduce your new Facebook community group for your brands, and start looping them into a community. Make them feel a part of your brand, engage with them, share exclusive offers, entertain them. For example, host an exclusive live video session in this group, this could be a dance party with a DJ wearing your garments or a Q&A session with the designer.

3. Add value to your digital audience

A strategy right now, should incorporate Instagram live videos, Instagram IGTV series, content leads should be related to adding value into your target markets lifestyle, whether this be how-to rearrange your wardrobe from how to wash wool. Provide key takeaways and link them back to items your brand offers. Does your brand need to offer a book club or a custom Spotify playlist.

4. Construct content from your online community feedback

Thrive off feedback. The best feedback you can gather is direct from your brands audience. Make use of Instagram stories for this, implement Q&A’s, polls, and give consumers the chance to feel their opinion matters to your brand. Provide them with the content they want to see. Let them know, they are being heard. Implement and adapt this regularly and your customer will turn brand loyal for life.

Simply Social Management enables brands to be at the forefront of worldwide social media trends. Offering social media strategy, digital account management, content creation, podcast production, eDM Management and social media advertising.

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