Australian fashion buying event Fashion Exposed Now will run from February 10 to 11 at Sydney's Royal Hall of Industries. Here exhibitor Rushing Hour reveals its point of difference.

The Rushing Hour is:

A womenswear label launched by Jacalin Ding, a self-described rebel and rule-breaker. She founded The Rushing Hour with the aim of uplifting humanity through innovative fashion, with the belief of quality garments made to last.

The Rushing Hour is targeted at customers who:

Creating a new paradigm for femininity — focusing on creating a better world for us all to live, taking courageous and inspiring action, carrying her mission with indisputable style.

The brand's point of difference is:

Producing timeless, quality monochrome street luxe fashion with a cutting edge design. It uses tech-savvy production methods, such as laser-cutting apparels, and labels each piece with a quote from heroic women throughout history. The Rushing Hour does not Photoshop models and does not rush fashion, as it doesn't want to fall into the mass production trap.

The collection at Fashion Exposed will include:

Bold silhouettes in fashion-forward finishes. From leather-look materials and laser-cutting techniques to soft organic French linen, the directional fabrications fulfill the label’s aim of creating contemporary pieces with sartorial sensibility. The monochromatic collection is eclectic and attention-grabbing - far from your basic staples, but just as wearable. Boxy shapes are rendered in gauzy mesh, the draping providing a clever contrast to the clean lines, while form-fitting skirts and tailored trousers are punctuated with geometric laser-cut detailing.

Highlights from the collection include:

The Jackie-O Linen lace-up dress, overall gem cullotes, a linen front tied blazer, a swing bell sleeve top and a Sarah Rocks shirt.

The wholesale price points for the range are:

$45 to 140

The fabrics and colourways include:

Linen cotton blends, viscose and jerseys in silver, white, linen and gold.

It is manufactured in:

Shanghai, China. We spent 12 months searching for the right manufacturing partner, one that lives and breathes our environmental values and ethical belief. The factory has been in business for more than a decade, and has collaborated with well-known international fashion labels across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It has expert craftsmanship and artistic fabrications. It currently produces our entire collection and employs more than 70 people. Every employee is compensated with above standard industry salary rates, medical insurance, recreational time and participates in team activities during the festive seasons. Our factory has a strong ethical and social responsibility; five per cent of profit has been donated to benefit the following charity organisations a particular focus on child health and development.

The Rushing Hour is currently stocked at:

The Iconic.

My dream for The Rushing Hour is:

Just like any other start-up. We’ll be trying to disrupt the market in the coming months. The world doesn’t need another fast-fashion brand; it needs one that educates our next generation that less is more, and giving back makes you feel better than the luxury of excess.

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