This is a series looking at top lessons learned from speakers at Ragtrader Live 2016. The stakes are set to get even higher this year, so be sure to grab your tickets.

Is it worth housing all inventory as a multi-brand online retailer?

Yes, according to Stylerunner founder Julie Stevanja.

The multi-award winning online disruptor said she believed drop shipping was too risky to Stylerunner's service proposition.

"You can commit to some stock in advance and that's necessary because a lot of it is manufactured to order. But we do have consignment stock, we have SOR agreements so it's definitely important as a retailer to think about how we mitigate the risk of holding stock."

The online platform recently launched two new arms, a content arm dubbed Triple White, and a platform to support emerging lifestyle brands Radar.

"We definitely want to take that conversation and explore it outside of our social media channels," she said of Triple White.

"I mean those social media channels one day will plateau – they've grown incredibly quickly, but how long will that growth last?".

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