This is a series looking at top lessons learned from speakers at Ragtrader Live 2016. The stakes are set to get even higher this year, so be sure to grab your tickets.

Australian designer Jacqueline Hunt, one half of Jac + Jack, revealed how the brand is pursuing a retail model after spending its first six years as a wholesale operator.

Jac + Jack revealed it has opened its seventh store, in Melbourne, and is currently pursuing international growth.

As part of this, Hunt confirmed the brand would open a second store in London in early 2017, after trialing its first UK site over a year ago.

"We wanted to explore the new market, but we didn't want to do the wholesale model," she said. "We felt it just didn't suit our brand so we opened a very small store in W1, Central London. It's been really great for getting that information which we wouldn't have had and with wholesale internationally."

Hunt described the venture as "calculated crazy" but with 14 years in total experience under its belt, the right move for Jac + Jack.

"The store that we're planning on opening in 2017 is on Walton Street – the rents are phenomenal but, in saying that the revenue line is also phenomenal."

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