• The Iconic: On the move.
    The Iconic: On the move.

This is a series looking at top lessons learned from speakers at Ragtrader Live 2016. The stakes are set to get even higher this year, so be sure to grab your tickets.

"We have hired about 50 people for our technology team here in Sydney and I think we probably have one of the best tech teams in Australia."

The Iconic CEO Patrick Schmidt revealed the online retailer is pursuing growth at an exponential rate.

"We have fulfilled five million orders in the last three years to give you an idea of how big we are on a big day, our fulfillment centre which is in Sydney is fulfilling 30,000 orders."

The Iconic director of product Zoe Ghani said the etailer was pursuing a mobile-first stratagy, with content delivering substantial gains.

The Iconic had just launched a 'follow' feature on its app, called The Daily, which allowed users to follow their favourite brands. Users were then notified when followed brands have new stock available.

While the offer was still in the beta stage at Ragtrader Live 2016, Ghani said it had seen great results.

"There is a connection also between the users who are engaging with The Daily often and their purchase behaviour. They spend more and they stay longer."

Schmidt believes apps are not the defining future of eCommerce.

“Apps aren’t going to be the future of retail in five years. I think mobile websites will be used more in five years."

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