• REBEL: Accelerate store campaign.
    REBEL: Accelerate store campaign.

This is a series looking at top lessons learned from speakers at Ragtrader Live 2016. The stakes are set to get even higher this year, so be sure to grab your tickets.

Activewear chain Rebel revealed an ambitious retail rollout strategy based on a triple-tier store system.

Rebel executive Lisa Doban said the network has been broken into three segments: Benchmark, Elevate and Accelerate.

In fiscal 2019, Rebel will aim to have 50 - 55 Benchmark stores, 30 - 35 Elevate stores and 8-10 Accelerate sites.

The premium store concept, Accelerate, debuted in Bondi in 2015 and featured state-of-the-art merchandising and digital technologies across a 1,100 sq. metre space.

"We're also merchandising by brand versus end use," Doban said of the concept.

"We're seeing 20% increase when it comes to footwear sales, which is such a big category. Across the two stores in our first few months, apparel was trading 77% up in sales."

The Elevate concept is a mid-tier store, with elements of digital components and increased service levels.

The bulk of the retail portfolio is under the Benchmark space, which will see "huge" investment in fiscal 2017.

"I think within Benchmark, the most exciting part of this strategy is deciding that our best store of today is our lowest store of tomorrow," Doban said. "We're lifting the VM standards for service levels and really lifting the whole portfolio."

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