"We don’t see that it is necessary to restrict customers."

Ellery, Dion Lee and Romance Was Born have all used it. So why is it gone?

"This demographic has been one of the key markets for the industry."

We reveal which regions are good at producing your specific garments.

Many of you are ignoring this one cash killer.

I suggest you allow 10% over shipment and ask the supplier to ship the excess quantity to you.

"If you are on-site, select a few young employees at random and ask to see their ID cards."

Authorities have issued $9 million in fines and detained 58 people.

Zhang Dayi even has her own factory, employing over 100 people.

"We can distribute it to our stores, see what performs well and make a capsule."

The designer brand is using small runs to win big.

"eCommerce is the core of our business, it's what we specialise in."

Australian brands should seek legal advice.

"We had a great event and signed some amazing accounts including Harvey Nichols."

Before you set your selling price/prices have you considered the various trading terms?