2018 is already shaping up to be another huge year for upcoming fashion retailer Miss Holly, according to Next Logistics.

Its been a thrilling four year journey from its roots as a startup online dress brand focussed on bringing Australian consumers the latest quality fashion designs at affordable prices. Today Miss Holly is a multi platform, International fashion brand and household name, still selling the latest fashion, but now also branching into formal and bridesmaid dresses whilst still keeping true to its notion of highest quality at affordable prices.

How did Miss Holly achieve such growth in a short time, whilst competing against big players in bulging market segment ? There was no one single solution, but perseverance, social presence, staying true to its value and market leading logistics through its partnership with Next Logistics all came together to deliver the success

Like similar fashion retailers Miss Holly has used the power of social media to create awareness and boost sales, including Facebook and Instagram with more than 1 million followers combined. The success of this advertising channel is demonstrated with the brand new Bridesmaid collection incorporating beautiful designs is selling out before the stock event hits the shelf, with Instagram posts gaining thousands of views and likes

Under-pinning the whole Miss Holly juggernaut is the Logistics solution which works from sourcing the high-quality garments from overseas and delivering to its 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) warehouse provider, Next Logistics. Miss Holly chose to outsource is Logistics from commencement as it was never a business focussed on running warehouses, and knew, with the explosive growth it needed to be able to scale quickly and ensure delivery speed, cost and accuracy were key deliverables from day one.

Miss Holly chose Next Logistics as it was one of the few 3PL’s in Australia that was happy to work with startup businesses but with impressive well established systems and processes, plus market leading freight pricing available to its full range of customers. Miss Holly is able to hold a significantly wide range of stock in an efficient manner, where stock can be shipped from factory, to warehouse to end customer in stunning speed. A customer is able to place an order up to 2pm and the order is despatched on the same day, including next day delivery if required. Those last minute weekend parties, or Friday afternoon drinks are possible whilst choosing your outfit in the comfort of your lounge with a glass of wine

Developing its market further, Miss Holly was introduced to The Iconic by Next Logistics, due to its position of preferred outsourced provider, and this new channel also rapidly expanded. In the 12 months since joining The Iconic fashion platform sales grow a further 60% and the label quickly became recognised as one of the platforms Top Sellers.

Several other clients from Next Logistics have followed the same method and leveraged on its relationship with The Iconic, also offering much later order cut off’s, and highly competitive flat rate nationwide freight rates. Next Logistics can offer its full customer base volume based pricing gained through representing mass buying power with its partner freight providers for both Domestic and International Freight. Customers of all size can benefit from this significant market advantage simply by using Next as their outsourced warehouse function.

When Miss Holly wanted to venture outside of Australia it was a relatively simple process by simply marketing in the US, UK, New Zealand and effectively the whole of the world orders came flowing through but were able to be simply despatched from the warehouse and shipped cost effectively using DHL all through its logistics solution with Next.

The future looks incredibly exciting for Miss Holly Fashion as it transitions from a boutique fashion retailer to a recognised house hold brand. Its 2018 goal is to expand the business further this year, including finalising its negotiations and become stocked in one of the worlds largest online retail platforms.

Similarly, as Next Logistics enters its 4th year supporting Miss Holly, and has recently passed its 10th year providing 3PL to Australian and International online retailers, shipping now in excess of 35,000 orders weekly, these certainly are 2 businesses to watch very closely.

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