Organised Retail Crime (ORC) is one of the main causes of shrinkage in the apparel industry.

ORC refers to professional shoplifting, cargo theft, retail crime rings and other organised crime occurring in retail crime environments.

According to the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer, a global study on retail shrinkage worldwide, apparel retailers in Australia reported the highest level of shrinkage out of all the vertical markets.

According to the Barometer, shoplifting cost the Australian retail industry AUD$2.7 billion, of which 39% was attributed to shoplifting and ORC activity.

ORC rings understand how to bypass traditional security measures such as hard tags and EAS systems, and they are especially prevalent in the apparel vertical for several reasons.

Apparel is desirable

High end fashion has a high resale value and some ORC rings even steal to order, taking requests from ‘customers’ on what and where to steal.

Apparel stores are vulnerable

Most apparel stores have blind spots in fitting rooms. By nature, fitting rooms are private to allow genuine customers to try on clothing; however, this privacy also allows potential thieves to remove security tags at their leisure using homemade magnetic detachers or hide tagged apparel in ‘booster’ bags designed to block signals to the store’s security antennas.

Store environment is often busy

Experienced thieves often steal at a time when stores are busiest and retail team members are occupied assisting customers. Increased foot traffic also allows shoplifters to cover their tracks more easily and leave the store unnoticed with stolen merchandise.

Our solution

Safeguarding your stores with Checkpoint’s HyperGUARD (Booster and magnet), MetalGUARD (Booster) and/or ApparelGUARD (Magnet) detection systems can deter, detect or displace the threat of organised retail crime gangs shoplifting on your premises.

With the addition of the EVOLVE-Store App, staff can be alerted to the threat entering your stores, fitting rooms or concession areas, allowing them to take appropriate action.

Solution Capabilities

  • Records all instances of Boosters/Magnets entering your Store, Fitting Rooms or Concession Areas
  • Discreetly alerts staff of alarm activations, by location
  • Prompts for alarm response

Solution Benefits

  • Allows you to identify high risk stores
  • App allows store staff to receive alarm notifications in real-time
  • Encourages attentive staff

Solution Value

  • Helps staff monitor fitting room areas for illegal magnetic detachers
  • Provides you with data to monitor the frequency of the threats and determine the effectiveness of the additional deterrents put in place
  • Enables you to know where you need to provide additional support for high risk stores

Example use case 1:

IDENTIFY HIGH RISK STORES – Enterprise wide data collated from EVOLVE Analytics of the frequency of ORC type threats, by store or location, assists you in determining the effectiveness of theft deterrents put in place and assess if further action is required.

Example use case 2:

STAFF AWARE – When a booster bag or magnet is detected entering your store, staff will be alerted in real-time via the EVOLVE-Store LIVE App, enabling them to actively engage and assist, whilst organically deterring opportunistic theft attempts.

Find out more about our integrated solutions designed especially for Apparel here: or call 1300 369 338 for more information on how we can customise a solution for your store.


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