Spell & The Gypsy Collective has allocated its first ever sustainability budget this year.

Speaking at the Legacy Summit in Sydney this morning, co-founder Elizabeth Abegg discussed the brand's growing investment in greener practices.

The brand, which has a range of ethical and environmental targets leading up to 2025, commenced its journey in April 2016.

"From our factories to our manufacturing methods to our everyday footprint here in Byron Bay, our vision is to continue to create beautiful garments that also inspire change towards truly sustainable fashion."

Abegg said a direct-to-consumer model allows the brand to draw 80% of sales from its own website and channels, allowing "wiggle room" in financing sustainability.

"We don't have shareholders or investors and it allows us to be accountable to ourselves."

She said investment in consultants, fabrics and certified suppliers were the biggest costs to greener initiatives. A shortage in some ecologically friendly fabrications is also a challenge.

"Only 2% of the world's factories are accredited so things don't always happen as fast with new suppliers," she added. "We're lucky in that we design a year out, so we design in June and it goes out the following June, so we can absorb the pace."

The brand has already made in-roads to achieving its targets. Its latest impact report revealed 86% of Tier One factories have been ethically accredited, with 36% achieving environmental certification.

Spell & The Gypsy Collective has seven pillars in its 2025 sustainability strategy, ranging from sourcing to production to community values.

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