Brand Showcase

The future is here – and it’s collaborative, sustainable and optimistic.

Avery Dennison presents this special report in partnership with Ragtrader.

"We have over 200 confirmed exhibitors participating this year."

Major fashion companies such as Uniqlo and Adidas are accelerating digital transformation strategies.

This technology has already elicited 500 million responses.

More than 400 Australian fashion businesses use this software.

"2.1 million active customers flocked to Buy Now Pay Later platform humm."

Don’t put your customers in a spin over their online shopping experience.

"Generally speaking, a crisis exposes your underlying weaknesses."

They're the 20-something shoppers who value privacy and debt-free spending. This is how to deliver retail practices that speak to them.

"The heritage of tailoring is quite strong in Australia, we have a very particular history in this area."

Partner with Klarna to give shoppers more control and flexibility.

"Reduce waste, add value and avoid discounting."

Leading retailers reveal the secret that allows them to improve inventory and boost earnings.

"With over 20 million email subscribers, 7 million app downloads and 3.5 million cumulative buyers MYSALE is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in ANZ."

"Digital technology has been around for several years but recent advancements in print quality and speed are making it a real alternative to analogue production."