OneMusic Australia answers all your questions regarding music's impact on sales in a new eBook. 

OneMusic Australia has released PRESTO! a free e-book digging into what music drives retail customers to surge to the register, based on field studies in all retail spaces in almost every country in the world.

Even better news for busy retailers - change is just a playlist away. While you can add a DJ to pump up that last minute spend as Macy’s does, you can draw on the power of good ol’ background music to do the trick too.

Who is OneMusic Australia?

OneMusic represents more than 100,000 Australasian music creators and services more than 100,000 businesses with a licence to play their music.

If you use copyright music at your business you'll typically need permission (that is, a licence) from the copyright owners or their authorised representatives. OneMusic Australia owns or represents the rights to use virtually any commercially-released music from anywhere around the world (that’s basically all the popular stuff we know and love).

So in PRESTO! OneMusic answers all those niggling questions:

• Why do we prefer music we know?
• How do I make my retail outlet more inviting with music?
• How do I create a more upmarket brand experience with music?
• Why can’t we do without music… but we can do without TV or movies (except The Devil Wears Prada, of course)?
• How do I make my customers happier (even ones returning presents they hate) with music?
• How do I make my customers stay around longer and discover ALL my wonderful stock just with music?
• How does music make customers more patient even if there is a queue?
• How do I get my staff to do the mundane tasks more happily with music?
• How does music encourage customers to return… with a friend?
• How does music get customers to spend more?

And if you’ve wondered if playing tried-and-true Christmas music is the best strategy for your store, remember 60:40 is enough. It’s good to introduce Christmas music every 3rd song to keep the playlist fresh and your staff from going mad. Remember, your staff have ears too and might just be turning the music right down low when you’re not around.

What about Spotify?

You still need a music licence when you have Spotify playing our music (Christmas or otherwise) in your business.

Just because you hold a licence to use our music in a commercial setting, doesn’t mean that your digital music service provider allows you to use your personal account for your business.

You should check with your service provider, whether that is Spotify, Apple Music or someone else.

The first 25 customers will also receive a free OneMusic mirror compact – to make sure you’re looking your best this summer.

Wishing all our retailers - and our music creators and our staff shopping with you - a happy and safe Christmas and a solid recovery from COVID-19.


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