Managing director at Design Identity, Mark Scarrott, talks about revolutionising online shopping with 360° photography.

In recent times, there’s been an expected increase in online shopping habits.

Due to a mix of government regulations, shop front closures, and health concerns, more and more consumers are heading online to purchase their fashionwear, accessories, and jewellery.

This means an engaging online experience is absolutely essential to maintain your strong brand identity for existing customers. Plus convert any fence-sitters.

As a bonus, a positive digital shopping experience doesn’t just lead to more closed carts.

It also drives sales for the in-store experience in the long run, especially when in-store discounts are involved.

If you want to keep your consumers engaged and increase their confidence when it comes to purchasing online, 360° photography might be the solution.

What is 360° photography?

360° virtual showroom photography is a great way to showcase products and fashion from all angles.

It creates a semi-realistic shopping experience for your target customer, enabling them to view details often missed by 2D imagery.

360° photography offers an interactive session that recreates the brick and mortar shopping experience.

When the item appears to leap off the screen, it’s much easier to imagine wearing or holding the item.

The result? A much smoother and engaging purchasing process.

360° photography is revolutionising the way people shop.

It’s not just for e-commerce websites either.

The imagery is also great for piquing interest in email promotions and communications, digital lookbooks, and catalogues.

Improving the online consumer experience

Due to COVID-19, consumers have been forced to move offline purchases, activities, and services online - even if it’s not their usual preference.

And, according to McKinsey research, many have been left with a poor taste in their mouths with e-commerce stores missing the mark.

The change of shopping behaviour makes the digital experience more important than ever.

It’s simply too easy to click away from a site offering a poor user experience, slow and inaccurate delivery, reduced quality of customer service, and, at times, profiteering from the pandemic.

For those not used to online shopping, the whole experience can feel daunting.

360° photography puts consumers at ease as they have a clearer indication of what they’re actually purchasing.

In your typical 2D photographs, you can only look at the front and back or zoom in and out.

As a result, flat imagery often fails to capture the finer, delicate details.

By having the capacity to navigate all angles of the product, it builds confidence in the consumers and encourages a closed cart.

A cost-effective solution

Apart from an improved consumer experience, 360° photography is easier on the wallets for companies of all sizes - from solopreneurs through to massive retailers.

While showcasing fashion items and accessories via video is powerful, it’s also very expensive.

Creating a 360° virtual showroom offers the same interactive experience at a fraction of the cost.

Wondering if 360° photography is suitable for you?

360° photography is perfect for the following:

• Womenswear and menswear
• Kids
• Sport
• Lingerie
• Swimwear
• Beauty
• Accessories
• Jewellery
• Shoes
• Bags

Design Identity was founded by Mark Scarrott.
We are a unique creative agency specialising in fashion and eCommerce photography & videography, including 360° photography. Over the years, we’ve worked with leading fashion houses throughout Australia.
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