Elizabeth Machines discusses the advantages of using StyleCAD technology and 3D digital models. 

Designers, Pattern Makers and Cutters world-wide, including in over 400 Australian companies already know the advantages of using a StyleCAD System.

For over 20 years Elizabeth Machines (incorporating Capron Carter) have been supporting local manufacturers, as well as companies who design in-house and manufacture overseas, with the best CAD/CAM system.

StyleCAD is also helping to train many of our upcoming design students, at local Fashion Colleges and TAFE all around Australia.

What can take a skilled designer and pattern maker around a day to complete using the traditional card and scissor methods, can take around an hour using the StyleCAD PDS/Grading software.

And any modifications needed to that new style can be completed in minutes.

Not forgetting the huge benefits and savings when planning both sample costing and production markers using the StyleCAD software.

And now with the latest in 3D, a new sample can be stitched up on-screen and draped over a full sized and adjustable life like avatar model.

Using the 3D avatar, the new sample can be virtually seen the same as if on a human model, with the advantages that within a few minutes it can also been seen in different fabrics, and in different sizes.

Adjustments can be made almost instantly and once approved; the 3D patterns can be converted back into StyleCAD’s 2D patterns for manufacturing.

All in a fraction of time and at a fraction of the cost compared to actually cutting out and sewing up the new sample.

Another advantage of sampling new designs and fabrics etc on-screen in 3D is that there is no human interaction, which has been made very hard over the last few months because of COVID-19.

In 1996 StyleCAD was released in USA what might have been the first true Windows-based pattern making, pattern grading and marker making software.

Today StyleCAD is still focused on offering the best and easier to use PDS/Grading & Marker Making software.

StyleCAD was back then (and still are) pioneers in offering features and tools that designers and pattern makers could easily understand and use on-screen.

Features that related to what they had been used to manually when using card and scissors.

So, changing to StyleCAD after using the traditional card and scissors for many years was not a huge change of thought or took a long time to learn, but was a huge saving in time and effort.

Over that last 20 years, many companies that started off using other systems have also changed to StyleCAD to benefit from the advantages that StyleCAD offers.

To find out more about StyleCAD, please email, or phone Graeme on 0407 205 920.


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