Enviro Hanger discusses its solution to the problem of plastic hangers in stores. 

Enviro Hanger is a family-run Australian business striving to ensure the environment is protected for future generations.

Our core mission is to eliminate waste by replacing plastic hangers with 100% recyclable FSC paper-based hangers in retail stores.

Currently, 85% of plastic hangers find their way into landfills or the ocean.

Eliminating single-use plastic hangers will save millions of tonnes of plastic being sent straight to landfills or oceans.

Drawing on over 40 years of expertise in the fashion industry, Enviro Hanger has created a product that is a viable alternative to plastic hangers.

Our hangers compete with plastic hangers on price, strength and style at the same time as being 100% recyclable.

Our hangers are printable and can be made in any colour, offering a unique marketing opportunity and a chance to customise your brand whilst achieving sustainability.

Strength and design are paramount to the Enviro Hanger brand.

We work closely with retailers of all sizes to create custom solutions to replace plastic hangers from their stores.

Our products have been tried and tested, and we guarantee a durable hanger that is comparable to plastic hangers.

Our range has grown and evolved to offer an extensive product list, ranging from accessory and sock hooks, footwear, babies wear, adults wear, pets and sunglasses.

If we don’t already have a hanger to fit your brand, we provide personalised consultation and development to create a customised solution.

Our hangers have passed rigours strength, load and environmental testing in independent certified third-party labs to ensure they meet industry standards.

Currently, plastic hangers are predominantly made from expanded polystyrene or polycarbonate.

They rely on fossil fuels for their raw material and production and then take an estimated 800-1,000 years to break down.

They also leach toxic chemicals into groundwater, including carcinogenic benzene, found in polystyrene and Bisphenol-A, a known hormone disrupter.

They can also cause havoc for wildlife, with animals getting hangers caught around their necks, legs and wings.

Once clothes are in-store, plastic hangers can leech toxic chemicals into fabrics and compromise organic products and certification.

Enviro Hangers are 100% non-toxic.

They are produced from clean, FSC recycled craft cards and are made without heavy metals and chemicals.

They are a safe and environmental choice for consumers and those worried about chemicals leeching into garments.

Enviro Hangers are manufactured in a single factory in China.

Our single-factory production and rigorous quality and safety standards ensure that every hanger is produced strictly with best-practice labour and worker safety policies.

Our Enviro Hanger factory also operates as a social enterprise, training and employing unskilled workers to pack the hangers.

The hangers have been created with a circular life span in mind: in the short-term future, Enviro Hanger will offer clients the opportunity to turn their recycled hangers into paper bags, cartons or satchels, to be used again within the same store.

For our domestic-use clients, Enviro Hangers can also be composted into the garden.

Enviro Hangers are expertly designed to reduce carbon footprints.

As our commitment to sustainability extends across our supply chain, our hangers can be flat-packed to maximise shipping and ground transport efficiency.

Our flat-packed recycled cardboard cartons save space and fuel and are fully recyclable.

We can sustainably ship to any location in the world and offer fast production lead times.

Enviro Hanger’s mission is to tirelessly promote and enhance sustainability in the textile industry while making no comprises on product quality, cost or consumer experience.

Enviro Hanger can offer long-term benefits for the environment and a considerable step towards brand sustainability.

Enviro hangers provide an intelligent solution to an enormous environmental problem in the industry and mark the beginning of a plastic-free future in hangers and beyond.

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