OneMusic Australia has brought in Prinnie Stevens to star in its new commercial.

Stevens made a come-back appearance on this year’s The Voice Australia All Stars.

The commercial shows the star making a dramatic colour-change under the influence of music.

The Aussie pop legend serves customers in a café while her track 'Don’t Wake Me Up' plays on a record player. As her track plays the customers are also ‘coloured’ by the music.

Customer service staff at one OneMusic came up with the concept and some had cameos in the commercial. The message is that music has commercial and cultural value.

If you use music in your business you need permission, a licence for that use - that is the law. The new OneMusic licence scheme replaces a system where a business had to obtain two licences.

Businesses can get an online quote or go on to purchase online at

When asked where does the licence money go, musicians like Stevens simply answer with, "it comes direct to us."

For businesses who have a music licence like Color Me Happy salon in Victoria, OneMusic is about everyone paying their fair share, if one business is doing the right thing, all businesses should be.

Owner Kelly Bryant says, "Music is the one thing we adjust all the time. Oh, that and the temperature! Perhaps they are connected? The more upbeat the music, the hotter our clients feel?" she joked.

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