This standout Canadian range is built around key wardrobe essentials including dresses, glamorous tops and jackets with matching coordinates and accessories, making it a true one-stop-shop each and every season.

In 2001 Frank Lyman set out to build a women’s wear company that would perform the great majority of its production in Canada. A private family run business, Frank Lyman Design operates in the premium womenswear market, where the word ‘premium’ denotes the finest fabrics, quality confection, and immaculate fit.

Frank Lyman Design does not sell directly to the public online, but rather concentrates on appealing to independent fashion boutiques. The company’s styles now figure prominently in a network of some 3,000 stores in over 60 countries.

In this era of low-cost, low-quality imports, the company has successfully challenged the tide by manufacturing domestically.

"I made a decision from day one to sell Canadian-made fashion,” says founder and CEO Frank Lyman.

"I wanted to provide a level of quality that is not possible when producing overseas.

"The ‘Made in Canada’ label is important in our marketing because Canada is well recognized for its quality of confection in the fashion industry. This works to our advantage when we sell our collections around the world."

The fashion-forward styling, fabric quality, unmatched fit, and attention to finish of the Frank Lyman garment instantly stand out and remain style-relevant for longer. Who are the women wearing the Frank Lyman label?

"They come from every demographic and are interested in the latest fashions with excellent fit," says Lyman.

"They come to our designs because they want fashion that will differentiate them and make them look and feel fantastic."

The Frank Lyman brand covers a product mix that ranges across daywear, evening and occasion-wear. It does not target any particular age group, but rather all of them.

"Age in our business is increasingly a thing of the past," says Lyman.

"Every woman today looks twenty years younger than her actual age. And our customers have found that if they want to look their absolute best, they wear Frank Lyman design.

"We receive e-mails telling us that once they try on an outfit, they fall in love with the brand. When women wear our garments they constantly get complimented and feel great about themselves – which is a tremendous motivation for us to continue designing for them."

At Frank Lyman Design the fit of each garment is one of the cornerstones of its success.

"Our customer can be any size from four to twenty-four, and she can be twenty-five to seventy years old or more.

"She will feel comfortable in any one of our garments, and she will walk out of the boutique with something that looks great on her. And that is why we have a worldwide following."

A New Chapter in Australia & New Zealand

A decade ago, Frank Lyman Design became available in Australia and New Zealand through a distributor, and the brand took off quickly across independent boutiques. To better serve their independent customers and provide faster delivery, the company has now opened its own corporate office and showroom in Sydney with sales representation and local showrooms in both countries.

"We are proud to continue our growth in Australia and New Zealand with this improved approach that will give customers even faster access to our bestselling collections," says Lyman.


Head Office & Showroom (Sydney)
Suite A1.3, Level 1, 15-21 Doody Street Alexandria 2015

Sales Contact:
Barbara Kessler

Australia Phone: +61 400 840 011‬
New Zealand Phone: +64 21 345 019‬

Customer Service


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