Vitag details why customer feedback is so critical in a post-COVID world.

Is it the customer service, the product range, time spent in the queue?

Working out why customers choose a retailer or walk in then walk away is an eternal question for retail and getting to the bottom of customer thinking is notoriously tricky.

Sure, you can email loyal customers and ask for their thoughts, you can seek feedback on Facebook or encourage online reviews.

But that takes time, money and resources, and misses all those potential buyers who ventured into a store yet opted out for reasons unknown.

And right about now, in a post-COVID landscape, every potential customer matters.

If they walk into your store, you need to make it count.

Feedback made simple

Earlier this year retail solutions company Vitag took a good hard look at the concept of customer feedback and decided there had to be a better way.

Tapping the talents of international brand Ombea, they launched the brand Moodly, offering a range of kiosks designed to entice instant feedback from customers.

Using 4G wireless and contactless technology, the kiosks are battery operated and ready to roll straight out of the box.

Their aim is to make feedback easier for both the customer and the retailer.

Each terminal allows a customer to simply tap or hover their finger above a smiley face to register their response to any question a retailer chooses to pose.

Happy? Tap the bright green emoji. Not so fussed? Go the yellow. Downright disappointed? Register that red and simply walk away.

Questions can be altered as required, and answers are all compiled into neat insights including net promoter scores that are accessed via a dashboard, allowing retailers to take immediate action.

Identifying missed opportunities

Vitag managing director Greg Raubenheimer explains a key differentiator is the feedback terminals allow retailers to tap into every customer’s sentiment.

"Often the feedback received through traditional email surveys or apps only targets patrons who have previously engaged with a brand," he says.

"These kiosks overcome that, and due to their appealing look, they encourage customers to express their feelings right there and then." 

Mr. Raubenheimer goes on to note statistics indicate 30 per cent of customers actively engage with the terminals, and so far, the technology has been deployed in 120 countries, eliciting 500 million responses.

"They allow retailers incredible flexibility," he says.

"They can position them where they want, ask targeted questions, and measure customer feedback on anything they choose – from gauging interest in a promotion to customer sentiment about service." 

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