Dashing Group details why it's best to begin planning now for your Christmas campaign.

Christmas is a time for giving, and our Dashers give their absolute all when it comes to this peak period in the calendar for our retailers.

Forget Santa's elves, our Dashers will work around the clock to deliver the most spectacular Christmas experience for your brand, and your customers.

Quality is hugely important to us, from the moment we begin a design conversation with our retail partners, to the time in which that campaign is installed in all its glory, we won't drop the bauble! 

We begin Christmas conversations with our clients as early as January.

We love to plan and start this process as early as possible, so we can achieve the most magical outcome within your budget.

These planning sessions involve the most creative Dashers in our team and we will collaborate with our clients, share ideas and plan for a results driven outcome - from the outset! 

For more info please contact Steve Kemp
+61 455 270 911 e: 


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