Real musicians are like the little canary down the mineshaft of our society. If I find something that works for them, it will work for everyone.

Anna Cordell is a maker… of folk music, of many children (five) and gorgeous linen suits which have found an unlikely market as on-stage costumes for fellow musicians. Anna’s belief in the value and power of art drives her to campaign for widespread music licence compliance in the rag trade.

You need a licence or other permission to have music playing in your design workplace or retail outlet (or in your bar, gym, beauty salon, whatever). The permission can come in the form of a licence from OneMusic. The licence fees paid go back to the music creators as royalty income.

“In the fashion sector I am in, customers can feel the authenticity of the maker and the stockists. I can’t imagine why any stockist would have unlicensed music playing in their shop. To not set up a OneMusic licence feels like an insult to the maker,” Anna says.

“I find so much inspiration designing for musicians. Finding things that they feel good in on stage has meant I've found clothing that makes people feel good in daily life too.

“I started making clothes for my musical friends after a break from the rag trade. And it just didn't stop.

“It seems counterintuitive that a suit, a kind of uniform, could represent freedom, I think this is particularly so for female artists. So that’s why the suits I made took off. Clients told me they felt so much more confident, so much freer to express themselves on stage in my suits.

“As a musician myself I can say with all honesty we wear our heart on our sleeve when we perform, when we write. Customers and music fans feel this stuff... and they love it.

“We can support one another so much and keep the arts flourishing in this country. Doing something as simple as paying a OneMusic licence and then curating a great playlist to suit your brand is a huge bonus to both the musicians AND the stockist. You can put the love into something as simple as the music playing.

“The the more we take pride in our own music, design and art and begin to nurture creativity, the more people will return to bricks and mortar shopping,” Anna says.

Anna Cordell music – new album Nobody Knows Us out 14 February 2020
Anna Cordell Clothing

To find out how little the OneMusic annual fees really are visit, phone 1300 162 162 or

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