MYSALE discusses the importance of digital fashion outlets in a retailer's ecosystem. 

MYSALE is the parent company for 12 websites operating in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

With over 20 million email subscribers, 7 million app downloads and 3.5 million cumulative buyers it is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in ANZ.

Having worked with over 9,500 brands since its launch in 2007, MYSALE has evolved, underpinned by a large investment in technology, developing a proprietary marketplace platform and a flexible warehouse and distribution network.

Since its launch it has carved out a niche in supporting fashion, footwear and homeware retailers, to accelerate their sales of previous seasons and excess current season merchandise.

In these difficult times and unprecedented times, inconceivable only a few weeks ago, MYSALE continues to re-define the fashion and homewares online discount model.

There is no doubt in this current crisis we all must consider how it plays out.

Changing behaviour may be irreversible and a new norm is gradually forming. There will be long term implications for the supply chain and the high street.

The launch of MYSALE’s Brand Outlet concept allows retailers to launch and operate their own outlet store on the MYSALE Marketplace Platform accessing millions of discount shoppers across all its websites.

MYSALE has lots of retailer partners already selling on its marketplace accessing it by API and feeding all their reduced, aged, fragmented, excess merchandise into the platform.

These retailers are accelerating sales of their previous season or excess current season merchandise, improving stock turn, optimising margin and improving working capital. As importantly, they are also freeing up warehouse pick locations.  

Retailers are realising they need to reduce the amount of time reduced inventory is merchandised on their own website. It is cannibalising fuller priced sales.

We all know the high costs of operating a store. What is an absolute certainty is that the cost of operating a brand outlet store on the MYSALE Marketplace will cheaper than operating a retail store.

The MYSALE shopping experience is discovery based. The customers are not planning to shop for that item today, they have discovered it as a result of MYSALE’s sophisticated digital marketing strategies.

All retailers must consider how specialist marketplaces can play a part in the new world.

Through MYSALE’s Retail Connections Program any brand can launch their own outlet store accessing millions of buyers across all of the Group’s websites.

The following link explains how the marketplace platform works

MYSALE is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and their families.

We have implemented a series of measures that meet the government's COVID-19 guidelines and have taken additional steps to minimise impact ensuring they are conducting safe and responsible business.   

Please take care during these challenging times.

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