Stylerunner GM Ryan Edelmuth discusses the three pillars behind the brand's store strategy.

We said from the outset that we were always planning on opening stores.

That was not only informed by the experience that we had with Accent Group – which really specialises in growing store networks – but we felt there was an opportunity in this multi-label activewear space. 

We were really focused on creating a premium retail experience and that we would become the ultimate retail destination for the fashion conscious and active woman. We communicate that across not only the elevated store design but the curation of product.

We have sourced brands locally and overseas, with a number of those brands exclusive to us and a number of those brands that have not been seen in Australia.

These are the three pillars to what makes us unique in market. 

The first was the store design and layout and that included everything from the fit out to the Stylerunner water that is offered to everyone that comes in the store, as well as the features throughout the store being unique and more elevated than anything else. 

And from a product assortment perspective, we're sourcing the best local and global brands and there's been a focus on our team being very knowledgeable and offering the best service. 

The truth is we actually believe we have a unique concept in market and that there's nothing quite like it if you look at the rest of our competitors, which are historically mono-branded and direct to consumer.

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