APG & Co has announced that its brands Sportscraft and Jag will donate $500,000 worth of unworn stock to Australian charity Thread Together to support flood victims across the Northern Rivers region. 

The donation will see more than 9,000 units of stock go towards flood affected communities who have lost everything to the severe weather event. 

The move builds on the existing relationship between APG & Co and Thread Together, which was forged in 2019. 

Newly appointed APG & Co CEO Elisha Hopkinson said the business wanted to make a meaningful contribution to support the flood victims.

"You can’t help but be affected by the turmoil these local communities are experiencing from this natural disaster, so our business is compelled to provide some form of relief with what we do best. 

"We are so encouraged by the way the country is rallying together to support our fellow Australians in times of need," she said. 

According to Thread Together CEO Anthony Chesler, APG & Co's donation will be distributed through the following channels: 

  1. Charity agencies/local charities ordering stock from the online portal to supply to the affected communities
  2. Individual reach out directly is facilitated via virtual gift cards being issued for use on the online portal to access the stock as individually needed
  3. Pop-up hubs will be located in three areas – in Lismore, Indooroopilly and Milton from next week for the next six months to facilitate the support of the local communities

In addition to its initial donation, APG & Co will monitor the situation to continue its support of the impacted communities. 

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