Kmart's business operations have been a key focus for Ragtrader readers in 2021, with this not only the second most-read story on our site in 2021, but also the second Kmart-related story in the countdown. 

On Tuesday we revealed that Kmart's conversion of Target stores into K Hubs took out fourth place in our top story countdown, and now its opening in Highpoint has come in at number two. 

What was especially interesting about this story was the reduction of David Jones' floor space to make room for the new Kmart. 

The retailer moved into David Jones' former bottom level after the department store reconfigured to a single-level tenancy.

Instead of spanning two floors, David Jones now occupies the level three retail space and offers a curated product mix specific to the Highpoint customer.

Additionally, Highpoint's Target store closed in anticipation of the arrival of the new Kmart. 

Kmart opened its new Highpoint store on December 01. 

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