Here we are. 

We've counted down to the most-read story on Ragtrader's website in 2021. 

And it is: These are the top 50 retailers in Australia right now

The story from 2020 continued to grab attention of readers in 2021, keen to know which businesses were performing well during challenging times. 

The data was sourced from online visibility analysis platform SEMRush, which analysed search volumes of Australia's online players. 

According to the platform, Bunnings had the highest website traffic up 74% year-on-year with 5.7 million visitors more than second place Amazon Australia.

However, department stores made their presence known in the top 10, with Kmart and Big W taking out number four and number six respectively.

Looking at the top 50, department stores made up the majority of retailers SEMRush analysed, with traffic towards department stores surpassing any other sector in the last three months, increasing 58% year-on-year to 63.5 million visits.

In total, department stores saw 633 million visits for Q2 (2020). 

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