Footwear label Wittner has become one of the first Australian footwear companies to introduce 100% sustainable packaging to its business. 

The new Eco-Shoebox is made from sturdy materials that are 100% recyclable and will be replacing the existing Wittner shoe boxes and packaging.

Inside, Wittner's shoes will also be wrapped in eco-friendly materials that can be composted or recycled once used. 

The Eco-Shoebox also features a pull-out drawer which allows it to be used as storage for the footwear. 

Designed in Melbourne and created by a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Eco-Shoebox is the first of many steps Wittner has taken to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials and increase environmental innovation.

Eco-Shoebox designer, Anderson Maciel, said that he is proud of the design that is both completely sustainable and custom to Wittner. 

"We’ve reimagined the iconic Wittner shoebox and made it using 100% recycled paper and an in-built handle, so there’s no need for plastic bags.

"We also made sure that it’s really robust - so it can be used to store your shoes even after you’ve gotten them home," he said. 

The Eco-Shoebox is now available on the Wittner website and in all Wittner stores Australia-wide. 

It will continue to be phased-in over the next year, replacing the existing shoe boxes as new styles arrive.

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