Following the success of its Re.Made in Australia campaign, boot maker R.M. Williams furthered its sustainability efforts in December, converting its QVB flagship store into a Re.Made pop-up store.  

The Re.Made in Australia campaign was launched in 2021 during the Cyber Monday sales to counter the messaging of hyper-consumption that is often associated with the sale, instead encouraging customers to purchase upcycled, slow fashion. 

The Re.Made campaign saw the brand hand-restore 100 pairs of boots, which came back to the brand through its Trade In Your Boots campaign in 2020. 

R.M. Williams then sold 20 pairs – in record time – exclusively through its Instagram channel during the Cyber Monday sales of 2021. 

The brand then took the remaining 80 pairs of boots and sold them exclusively through its Re.Made pop-up in a three-day event which began on Boxing Day. 

During the event, all other boots were removed from the shelves, encouraging customers to purchase a restored pair of RMs. 

"Each pair of repaired boots are unique and one-of-a-kind, some with over 20+ years' worth of wear and stories within their soles," R.M. Williams said in a statement. 

"They have been given new life, ready to be enjoyed by a new owner who can in turn add their character and stories to the iconic footwear," the brand said.

The Re.Made boots were priced at $425 each. 

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