Footwear retailer Ziera has been unable to secure a buyer interested in acquiring the entire business.

Administrator Conor Elhinney said the brand is in a close down phase after a bid to sell the whole enterprise did not secure interest.

He said a "slimmed down" version of the business could attract bueyrs in the future.

The decision will see staff across the Australian and New Zealand lose their job, with around 250 staff employed across the two markets.

"Unfortunately, as there is no buyer for Ziera as a whole, we have had to make some staff redundant and we expect to have to make further redundancies in the future as stores close."

Despite a loyal customer database, the footwear retailer has been hit by a number of issues in recent years.

This includes a slow eCommerce uptake, the weaker New Zealand dollar for manufacturing costs and increased tarrifs in the United States.

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