R.M. Williams has launched its most extensive seasonal collection, From The Ground Up. 

The new range sees the brand introduce an expanded range of products and styles for men and women including boots, dresses, shirts and jackets. 

All of the leather goods in the new collection are handmade in Australia, with the brand hinting that the women's saddle bags a sign of things to come with the women's accessories. 

"Born of an appreciation for the land we tread, we offer an elevated collection that showcases our iconic apparel, whilst honouring the classics through a contemporary lens," R.M. Williams said in a statement. 

"[This is our] most extensive seasonal range yet; a collection defined by our outback heritage and our connection to Australia’s heartland," the brand said. 

The collection campaign was shot in New South Wales’ Snowy River National Park, amongst the ridges of Mount Kosciuszko. 

Inspired by the colours of the campaign's surrounds, From The Ground Up features a natural colour palette including khaki greens, navy blues, mustard yellows, rust reds and tobacco browns. 

The From The Ground Up collection launched in-store and online on January 31.



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