Lana Wilkinson's latest shoe collection is selling out quickly, with the Georgia style selling out in under two hours.  

Four of eight styles from the second collection launched on June 16 and proved to be highly popular with consumers. 

The ‘Georgia’, named after Georgia Love from the Bachelorette, sold out only two hours after going live on the By Lana Wilkinson website. 

The quick turnover of the ‘Georgia’ also inspired the early release of Wilkinson’s ‘Megan’ design (named after Megan Gale), which has now nearly sold out too.

The pre-order of the 'Elle' style has almost sold out, with a restock coming on June 24. 

Wilkinson said that she is excited to help women get dressed up and feel good about themselves following the COVID-19 lockdown. 

"I’m so thrilled by the response to the new range.

"I think it’s a real testament to the fact that Australians are excited to get dressed up, feel good and be out and about again.

"If people are ready to step out, we want to help them do that," she said. 

Wilkinson will release the remaining styles on July 7. 


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