After launching in Australia in October 2018, sustainable B Corp Indosole is set to expand to New Zealand, Hong Kong and China. 

With presence now in bricks-and-mortar retailers in every state and online through retailers such as Well Made Clothes and The Iconic, Indosole is ready to tackle international expansion. 

To create its footwear the business utilises old tyres and crushes them down into a powder and injects it into a mould. Working in full swing, Indosole can save up to 1,500 tyres a day from going to landfilll.

Speaking to Ragtrader before launching in Australia, Indosole Australia director Nick Riley foreshadowed the potential to expand the business to New Zealand. 

"Short-term goals are to really just tap into the right market in Australia and work really closely with the people we have on board and with our consumers.

"So doing that within the first six months to a year and then phase two; I would love to introduce Indosole to New Zealand. That's a market I don't really know, so it's doing the research on that, learning where, how and who we fit in there with," he said at the time. 

Riley also unknowingly foreshadowed the business' latest innovation – it's first children's collection – as using the powder and moulds Indosole can create anything, including shoes for little ones. 

"For the long-term I actually have a vision – because we use rubber – I would love to think that at some point we could potentially start making bar mats out of recycled rubber or start making door mats [and things like that].

"There are just so many things rubber is used in and we have a process that works and we legitimately have a process where we can intercept tyres and basically, you crush it down into a powder form, you can put that into any mould, you can make literally anything," he said at the time.

For young children the thongs come with a back-strap for extra support while the regular thong design is available for older kids. 

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