Hush Puppies Australia has launched its most sustainable shoe, The Good Shoe. 

The business spent 12 months researching materials to use for the range and will progressively test different materials in the market to see which resonates with customers GM Charlene Perera told Ragtrader.

"We plan to use The Good Shoe collection to test new sustainable and eco-friendly materials each season.

"Once we find a material or element of a shoe that is resonating with our customers, we plan to roll it out to our entire range.

"This season we are testing recycled plastic and natural/recycled rubber mixes.

"Next season we are introducing an Algae mix into our outsoles.

"And we are always looking at plant-based, leather alternatives too like corn or cactus leather and exploring new options," she said.

The business has also updated its shoe boxes to be eco-friendly, with an aim for them to be 100% virgin-plastic free by 2021.

The first Good Shoe collection spans four distinct styles and is available now on the Hush Puppies website. 

The Good Shoe collection retails for between $139.95-$149.95. 


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